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5 Picture Books on the Environment That You Need in Your Classroom Library

1. Not for me, Please! I Choose to Act Green (Written by Maria Godsey & Illustrated by Christoph J. Kellner)

Ideal ages: 5-9 Years Old

Follow Luke on his journey to waste reduction and teaching your students the effects of trash on our Earth and its creatures.

Amazon $9.49 Paperback

2. 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World (Melanie Walsh)

Ideal ages: 4-9 Years Old

Beautiful, colorful, and friendly illustrations will draw your students to this book that outlines some of the simple, daily things we can do to show our love for the Earth.

Amazon $8.17 Paperback

3. Bee & Me (Alison Jay)

Ideal ages: 4-9 Years Old

Amazon $11.60 Paperback

4. Up in the Garden, Down in the Dirt (Written by Kate Messner & Illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal)

This book will bring you down to ground-level so you can see daily life of the garden. It's filled with illustrations of the different insects, animals, and plants found in the garden. It's jam packed with stories of the creatures, food chains, and the way plants grow.

Amazon $6.69 Paperback

5. The Honeybee (Written by Kristen Hall & Illustrated by Isabelle Arsenaulf)

Bees are essential to life on Earth. Buzz around with your students to create an appreciation for these ever-important creatures.

Amazon Hardcover $10.89

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